Darius Rucker surprises Lowcountry woman receiving new home

Darius Rucker with woman surprised with new home (WCIV)

A North Charleston woman will be the newest resident in the city’s Joppa Way community.

It’s a neighborhood where Habitat for Humanity volunteers have spent eight years giving families a hand up by creating affordable housing, and now Kenya is on the receiving end.

The building initiative, called the Home for Good Project, is a multi-year effort to bring affordable housing to families nationwide.

“Meeting Kenya here and seeing how excited she is, it’s amazing,” said Vicki Frye with Ply-Gem, a North Carolina company that has partnered with the project and Habitat for Humanity. “She's put 500 hours of sweat equity into becoming a home owner.”

Dozens of volunteers helped put the finishing touches on Kenya’s home on Friday.

“It's a great feeling because you get to see the happiness on her face,” said volunteer Bryan Pribula.

Her smile shined a little brighter after a hug from Darius Rucker, who has backed the Home for Good project.

This time, he ended up in his own backyard.

“Charleston means everything to me, and to see people out here helping people it means everything to me,” Rucker said.

Prior to owning this home, Kenya only rented.

“In this area alone, the average rent is $1600,” said Lynn Bowley, the executive director at Charleston Habitat for Humanity.

Kenya’s mortgage will only be $500, according to Bowley.

“It’s amazing for people to have steady, constant, good, and safe housing that they can afford,” she said.

“I was talking to Kenya and she's worked on four houses before she got her own,” Rucker added. “She’s worked her butt off for her place. I’m happy for her. She's funny. She's a great woman. I’m just really happy for her.”

It was paid for in sweat and built with hard work, but there are no complaints.

“She’s so excited that she can actually paint a wall in her house,” said Bowley. “She's been renting for a very long time. Now, she'll have something to pass down to her children.”

Kenya’s home is the ninth that Habitat for Humanity has built in the Joppa Way community, according to Bowley.

The organization plans to build six more.

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