Death of 2nd Lowcountry bicyclist spurs calls for action


A local leader is making a plea to save lives in the Lowcountry. "It is not ok to lose those lives it is unacceptable,” says Katie Zimmerman from Charleston Moves.

She is calling for improvements to make the Lowcountry more bicycle friendly, after a second person was killed in less than four weeks on a bike.

On November 9, the family of Thomas Garrett held a memorial. Days earlier Garrett was killed on his bicycle near the crosstown. One week later, a man in Ladson was killed on his bike.

Zimmerman says, “I am upset and I am also outraged that we are losing lives."

Charleston County is ground zero for bicycle crashes. The Palmetto Cycling Collation says nearly one out of every four reported bicycle crashes happen in Charleston County.

“We have to have protected bike lanes, protected crosswalks, signals for people on bike and on foot, and slower streets,” Zimmerman says.

But Zimmerman says the improvements are not getting done. “The region has spent a lot of years investing in plans and designing , and they are also sitting on shelves waiting to be implemented,” says Zimmerman.

However, some communities are making progress. The People Pedal Plan got the green light from Charleston leaders this year.

But Zimmerman says much more work needs to be done.

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