Dedicated mother and Lowcountry firefighter laid to rest

Firefighters at the funeral for Katie Dube. (WCIV)

A Lowcountry hero was laid to rest Monday.

Katie Dube was only 23-years-old, but made her mark as a dedicated mother and firefighter. Dube was killed in a car accident last week.

A memorial service in her honor was held at the Knightsville United Methodist Church, where she was remembered with a lot of tears and laughter.

“We’re all here as one, one big family, so we’re all going to get through this, it’s hard,” said David Sweet, her fiancé.

He is now raising the couple’s two girls, a four-year-old and two-year-old, who survived the crash. He said the outpouring of love and support is getting them through.

“It’s a time of hardship but we’re all here as one, we’re all going to get through it,” said Sweet. “It’s bad that my daughters don’t have a mom to grow up with now, but they still got daddy here.”

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Dube is remembered as a strong-willed woman dedicated to family and work. She was a firefighter at the Ashley River Fire Department. When she wasn’t spending time there, she was volunteering at the Cross Fire Department.

“There’s definitely a void at Cross Fire Department,” said Lieutenant Tricia Merrithew. “When she came in, she just melted into it, she clicked, all the personalities were the same.”

Merrithew said Dube was just two weeks shy of firefighter graduation.

When she wasn’t at home with her family, she was at the station with her work family.

“She would wait until the kids went to bed and then come up to the fire station,” Merrithew said. “We would study all night long and then get back up just in time to get them up and let her husband go to work.”

Dube was laid to rest in Summerville at the Boone Hill Cemetery.

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