Charleston County's delinquent tax sale is today


Delinquent tax property from the 2016 tax year will be auctioned off Monday morning, Charleston County officials say.

"We try everything we can to notify people throughout the year to give them opportunity to pay taxes before tax sale, " said Tami Fralick, Director of Revenue Collections for Charleston County. "Ourgoal every year is to have a low number because we don't want to sell people's property."

The properties for sale range from $100 to more than $20,000, Fralick said. The auction is for any real estate that has unpaid taxese from 2016. Leaders expect most bidders to be investors.

"We're talking about vacant land, houses, commercial property, just a wide range," Fralick added.

Charleston County gives property owners one year to pay delinquent taxes before property goes to auction. Owners still have one year from the date of the auction to pay off taxes if their real estate is won.

The sell off started at 9 a.m. inside council chambers in the Lonnie Hamilton building at 4045 Bridge View Drive in North Charleston.

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