Dorchester County Coroner Chris Nisbet talks about police shootings, jokes about race in new videos

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCIV) -- Summerville police officers agreed that they "almost killed the coroner" after Dorchester County Coroner Chris Nisbet initially refused repeated demands to put down his weapon during a confrontation with his neighbor last month.{}

The conversation can be heard on hours of dashcam and body camera footage obtained by ABC News 4 Wednesday in response to a Freedom of Information Act request.{}

Nisbet is also on the tapes, joking with a black police officer about race, arguing with his black neighbor to the point he had to be restrained and telling officers he looks out "for my boys in blue" despite being handcuffed following the Aug. 25 incident.

"You know I always got y'alls back," Nisbet told the officer. "You don't worry about that. I always got y'alls back. You do what you got to do. If someone pulls a gun on you, you (expletive) shoot the (expletive) out of them."{}

The incident happened after a repo man told 911 dispatchers that Leroy Fulton, Nisbet's neighbor, pointed a gun at him when he attempted to repossess Fulton's truck. {}

Nisbet, who lives across the street from Fulton, told police he saw his neighbor point an object at the tow truck driver. He then chased Fulton down in his county-owned vehicle, blocked Fulton's pickup and stood with the gun pointed at the ground for at least 20 seconds as officers arrived and repeatedly demanded he drop the gun.{}

The officers are heard on the tapes explaining the situation to their supervisor while trying to decide who to charge. Nisbet was suspended by Gov. Nikki Haley Thursday after he was indicted on a misconduct in office charge following an investigation by the State Law Enforcement Division.{}

First officer: "The coroner had a gun in his hand. He wouldn't drop it."Second officer: "When you walk up to him you can smell alcohol on him ..."First officer: "He wouldn't put the gun down. He's yelling at us and we're yelling at him and he's yelling at us."Supervisor: "So you almost killed the coroner?""Basically."{}"Pretty much."{}

Fulton, who has not been charged, denied he ever pulled a gun. He called Nisbet a "racist mother(expletive.)"{}

Nisbet has come under fire recently after he ruled that the death of Shamir Palmer on Aug. 8 was "suicide-by-cop" because Palmer, who is black, raised a gun at the officers. He was also criticized for using the word "thug" in a Facebook post about Palmer. The National Action Network has urged Nisbet be removed from office. The governor's office cannot remove an elected official unless they're indicted for a crime involving moral turpitude. {}

In the repo man's 911 call, Nisbet is overheard calling his neighbors the n-word while on the phone with a Summerville police captain.{}

In the recently released video, Nisbet referred to his neighbor as "homeslice."

"Homeslice pulled the gun out on him. He pulled the gun out right in the repo man's face and I was like, 'Oh hell, no.' Because I don't put up with that bull----," Nisbet said. "The last guy who pulled a gun out on a cop - you know I ruled that (expletive) suicide-by-cop - because if you pull a gun out on me I'm going to shoot your a--."

He repeatedly referred to the black officer, as a "little skinny black guy" and joked with the officer that he was the victim of racism.{}

"You pull a gun on somebody I'm going to pull a gun on you, too," Nisbet said. "But I'm the poor little white man in cuffs. That's some racist (expletive) -- I'm just messing with you."{}

While talking to someone else, Nisbet said, "Hey they've got me in (expletive) handcuffs. Bullsh--. Some skinny little black guy has got me in handcuffs. They've got me in handcuffs because I stopped the guy who pulled the gun on the repo man."

At one point another officer told the officer to "tell him to stop referring to you as a skinny black guy" but the officer said he was OK with it.{}

Nisbet told the officer that he was going to "look out for my boys in blue, just like that last suicide-by-cop bullsh--."

At one point, Fulton overheard Nisbet talking about him and they started arguing as officers held Nisbet back. {}

"This black guy is looking at me like he wants to eat me for lunch," Nisbet said on the tape. "I don't care. I'll (expletive) kill him and plant him in my garden."

First Circuit Solicitor David Pascoe declined to speak about the case because it's active but the officers at the scene provide some insight.{}

After talking to Nisbet, Fulton and the repo man, the officers discuss why they don't think they should charge Fulton.

"I'm not comfortable locking him up."{}"That's kinda what I'm thinking.""Which one?""He's in his own freakin' house.""I'm comfortable locking the coroner up.""We're not gonna do that."The officers laughed.{}"No, we can.""Really?"I'd arrest anybody.""Like, it was a good 30 seconds of us screaming for him to drop the gun before..."Supervisor: "Just make sure you write detailed reports."

The officers discuss possibly issuing Nisbet a courtesy summons but eventually decide to let everyone go for the night.{}

"It's not against the law to carry a gun if you're drinking as far as I know. It's against the law to discharge a firearm when you're under the influence of alcohol. As far as I know.""I'm fine with whatever ..."{}Do you think what he did was smart?""No absolutely not, especially when he was chasing the guy with blue lights on."

The officers allude to the state's Castle Doctrine, which authorizes the lawful use of deadly force, under certain circumstances, against an intruder or an attacker at a person's home or vehicle.

Officer: "You good with that? Not locking anybody up?""But the guy is on his own property.""Just because you're on your own property doesn't mean you can be pulling guns on people.""If someone's at your door and they won't leave."

The officers decide not to make an arrest, noting that they can always file charges later.{}In one of their last conversations with Nisbet, the officers gave Nisbet some advice.

"For future reference, when the police show up it's time to put the gun down," the officer told him.{}

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