Dorchester County residents want traffic light at busy Orangeburg Road-Hwy 78 intersection

Orangeburg Road - Hwy 78 intersection (WCIV)

The intersection of Highway 78 and Orangeburg Road is a busy exit and entrance to a growing area of Dorchester County, and people who live nearby and drive through each day say a traffic light is badly needed at the intersection.

"We're always out on the road running back and forth transporting kids to different events, so it's many times a day we're passing through that intersection," said Angie Schofield, who lives with her family in Drakesborough near Summerville.

She worries about driving through the intersection because only a stop sign controls the flow of traffic.

"I've seen several almost accidents. I've actually seen several accidents there. Different times throughout the years," Schofield said.

Dorchester County Councilman David Chinnis also chairs the Planning, Building, and Development Committee.

"I'm very concerned about it. As I've mentioned, I drive through this intersection often," he said.

He explains how a deal with Beazer Homes required the county to spend $1.1 million dollars to re-align the road. Its complete. Now, he says Beazer Homes needs to finish the job with a traffic light.

"I think all of council is concerned about this. And what we expect and what we expected I would say certainly is that Beazer would have lived up to what we believe is in their development agreement and that was signalize this intersection," Chinnis said.

According to Chinnis, the South Carolina Department of Transportation approved the signalization in March. He estimates it would cost between $65,000 and $80,000.

"Do you think it’s better to see a traffic light here? Yeah."

ABC News 4 spoke with drivers at the intersection who believe a traffic light will improve safety. That's why people like Angie Schofield hope Beazer Homes will deliver on a traffic light promise to help protect the neighbors who use the intersection.

"My family. Everyone's family would feel more safe and we'd have that assurance that we would be safer," Schofield said.

An official with Beazer Homes told ABC News 4 he would look into the concerns and let us know what can be done.

Dorchester County council members will talk about their options at the next meeting.

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