Doritos CEO facing backlash after saying company is developing "lady-friendly" chips


Not even two days after Doritos won over people on social media with its Super Bowl commercial featuring Peter Dinklage, the chip maker's parent company is now getting backlash for what some are calling a crumby decision by its CEO, Indra Nooyi.

In a recent podcast interview, she says Frito-Lay is looking for a way to develop a chip that is more “woman-friendly.”

In Nooyi’s opinion, the chip needs to have a less audible crunch and not leave residue on fingers.

The response on social media was swift and critical.

Doritos isn't the first company to try and profit off of marketing to women.

Self-care and beauty products saw a bit of backlash with the "pink tax" movement in 2016.

The movement helped make women aware they are paying substantially more for the same product that is being marketed to men, the only difference being that the product was pink.

And now, the chip giant seems to be back-tracking.

The company tweeted “we already have Doritos for women, they’re called Doritos and they’re loved by millions.”

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