DOT hopes to make Red Bank Road safer with raised median

    DOT hopes to make Red Bank Road safer with raised median (WCIV)

    People who live, work and drive in Goose Creek will get to speak with S.C. DOT representatives Thursday night about a proposal to improve safety along a busy section of Red Bank Road.

    DOT plans to place a raised concrete median on Red Bank Road from Snake Road to Eagle Road. DOT project manager Brett McCutchan says there have been 429 crashes in that area over the past 4 years, some fatal.

    This highly traveled area is right by the Naval Weapons facility. DOT says nearly 29,000 vehicles travel this stretch of road each day.

    The project is part of the Federal Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP), which uses data to identify locations with high crash rates and other problems, and then coming up with solutions for those problems.

    McCutchan predicts this project will break ground as early as the winter of 2020.

    “This proposed project is going to make this corridor safer," McCutchan said. "It's going to reduce the number of crashes that are occurring.

    McCuthcan added that similar medians have decreased wrecks 60 percent in other areas.

    Some in Goose Creek who we spoke to say the proposed median is overdue.

    Timothy Cousins, a Goose Creek resident, said "The intersection is pretty dangerous, because it’s a blind spot. When people are coming down Red Bank, people on Snake Road cannot see the far inside lane, so they’ll pull out further, and that’s where the accidents always happen. It’s just too far over.”

    The meeting to review the plan is Thursday, 5-7 p.m., at Goose Creek High School.

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