Drivers report bad gasoline in N. Charleston, state issues 'Stop Sale' orders

Drivers report bad gasoline in N. Charleston, state issues 'Stop Sale' orders (WCIV)

Numerous drivers are complaining about bad fuel at local convenience stores. They say their vehicles won't run, and the repair costs aren't cheap.

The manager of the Circle K on Rivers Avenue and Otranto Road in North Charleston wasn't available to talk to ABC News 4. But several drivers took to social media about the problem.

They say gas from the pumps at Circle K, nearby Murphy USA, and a gas station on Dorchester Road caused their cars to conk out.

Drivers visiting the Circle K certainly have fewer options of fuel to choose from. Bright orange tags prevent customers from using low and mid-grade octane gas.

The consumer protection division of the South Carolina Department of Agriculture issued a Stop Sale Notice because of bad fuel. It’s a problem affecting numerous drivers.

“One thing they should do - get to their local ASE-certified mechanic as soon as possible. Have that ASE-certified mechanic assess the situation to see how bad that particular bad gas is in their vehicle,” said Casey Jiles of Hudson Nissan in North Charleston.

He says a troubled tank of fuel can damage many parts under the hood.

“The problems will pretty much start in this area which is the main component. Which is the engine itself. And just like anything that’s bad it starts to travel,” Jiles explained.

That’s why he recommends people who suspect faulty fuel in their car, truck, or SUV to get it checked.

“The ASE-certified mechanic would drain the bad gas out of their vehicle to make sure it doesn’t affect anything else with the other supporting parts around the engine,” he said.

Jiles says newer vehicles can be more expensive to fix because of high-tech components. He suggests drivers pay attention to what they pump and how their vehicle performs.

“Don’t wait. Just get it in as soon as possible. Have that problem assessed because the longer you wait, the worse the problem can get for you and unfortunately for your pockets,” he said.

Local car dealerships tell us they have an agreement with this Circle K to buy fuel for their vehicles.

So far, there are no reports of bad gas in their cars. An associate from Crews Chevrolet who told ABC News 4 one of his customers bought a truck from him two weeks ago. It’s in the shop for repairs because of bad gas. It'll cost $1100 dollars to fix.

We reached out to the Department of Agriculture for a comment about the fuel, but no one has returned our calls.

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