Dylann Roof's state trial delayed indefinitely as federal trial continues

A state court judge has delayed indefinitely convicted church shooter Dylann Roof's murder trial.


It was set to begin on Jan. 17, which would probably only leave days between the conclusion of the federal hate crimes trial and the start of the state murder trial.

Prosecutors in both courts are seeking the death penalty.

Solicitor Scarlett Wilson, who is prosecuting the state case, says she still plans to go to trial with Roof.

"We have been closely monitoring and in constant consultation with the federal prosecutors who have done an outstanding job in the Roof case. Our plans have not changed but we will continue to re-evaluate as the circumstances dictate," she said in a statement on Thursday afternoon.

Pushing back the start of the trial could impact the courthouse in other ways. Former North Charleston police officer Michael Slager's re-trial for the fatal shooting of Walter Scott is set to begin in March.

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