Eclipse babies steal the show in the Lowcountry

Eclipse babies steal the show in the Lowcountry

Coming into the world at 7 lbs 10 oz., Brooks Grant stole the show on Monday. He was supposed to be delivered in the morning, but while all eyes were on the sun, the Grant family welcomed their third son.

As the moon was creeping over the sun, turning day into night-- Victoria and George Grant welcomed their son-shine into the world.

“This is a really big day, a new member of our family and coming in on the eclipse day, so it's pretty exciting stuff, it's pretty epic I’d say.” Victoria Grant said.

Brooks, was supposed to make his arrival around 10 Monday morning. “Oh we were thinking we'd have the baby and then maybe we can peak outside and see the eclipse.” Grant added.

Destined to be a star, he was born at 2:24 p.m., moments before totality. “We were in the operating room when the eclipse was happening.”

He’s the youngest of three, “Our first son was born in Puerto Rico, our second was born in Hawaii, and now Brooks here is from Charleston.”

The Grants recently moved to the Lowcountry. George and Victoria say the arrival of Brooks is the totality of the Grant children.


Several babies were born in the Lowcountry on the big eclipse day. Those born at Trident Health facilities received special onesies. One girl born in the upstate was quickly named Eclipse.

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