Elections director: Nothing 'nefarious' happening at polling places

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Some South Carolina election officials have said they're planning to amp up security around polling places.

As we hear more claims from Donald Trump that this presidential election is rigged, local election officials say they're taking steps to ensure there's no vote tampering, whatsoever.

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Charleston County Director of Elections Joseph Debney said he's working with the state election commission and the governor's office to improve cyber security. He also said one of the most important steps to protect votes is simply to make sure each voter has all their correct information in the system. That means his office must work to keep up with name and address changes. There are about 280,000 registered voters in Charleston County.

As far as the voting machines are concerned -- those working on the board of elections say the voting machines that'll be used on November 8th are practically unhackable.

"Our voting machines aren't connected to the Internet. A lot of folks think they are. They're never connected to the Internet. There's not even a way to do that. They just plug strictly into the wall. ...They're basically a glorified calculator," Debney said.

As of now, the board of elections doesn't plan to have any extra security guards posted at Charleston County's 102 polling locations.

"People like to think there's some other nefarious stuff going on," Debney said. "There's really not. Everyone who works in this office from our temporary personnel to our full time personnel take this job very seriously, work 12-hour days, work on weekends. We've prepared for this election since 2015, so this is not new to us."

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