Jennifer Pinckney, slain Emanuel AME pastor's widow, reacts to Texas church shooting

Jennifer Pinckney / Twitter

Jennifer Pinckney knows intimately the pain and horror of an ungodly tragedy in a house of God. Now she finds herself empathizing in a way few others can with the loved ones of those killed in another mass shooting at a church.

Pinckney tweeted a message of support and condolence Monday morning to victims and families of the mass shooting Sunday at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas.

Twenty-six people were killed in the shooting. Twenty more were injured.

"My heart goes out to the victims' families, friends, & members of the church shooting in Texas," Pinckney wrote. "I know all too well what your (sic) going through."

Pinckney's husband, the late Senator and Reverend Clementa Pinckney, was among the nine people killed July 17, 2015 during a Bible study at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston. Dylann Roof, now on death row in federal prison, was convicted in December 2016 of 33 hate crime charges in connection to the shooting.

Several other family members of Emanuel victims have reacted to the Texas church shooting.

Chris Singleton's mother, Sharonda Coleman-Singleton, was among the nine killed at Emanuel AME. Singleton posted his reaction to the Texas church shooting on his Twitter account.

"Hard to breathe thinking that 20 more people were killed in a place of worship," Singleton tweeted. "Gun violence is REAL & needs to be STOPPED!!! ... If this doesn't upset you about our laws on gun control then nothing will. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! The Lord blessed us with free will and at times like these I am destroyed by the things people do with it."

Malcolm Graham's sister, Cynthia Graham Hurd, was also killed in the Emanuel shooting. He also took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the Texas shooting.

"My heart is broken again, praying for Sutherland Springs, Texas," Graham said. "Thoughts & prayers are great sound bites but it’s time for our lawmakers to do something regarding semi auto weapons & gun laws."

Devin Kelley, the gunman in the Texas shooting, reportedly was motivated by a domestic dispute, the Texas Department of Public Safety says.

Kelley is believed to have taken his own life after leaving the scene. He was found dead of a gunshot wound inside a car near the church after driving off.

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