Environmental groups to rally in support of youth climate change lawsuit

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Lowcountry environmental groups were expected to rally Monday in support of young people suing the Federal Government over climate change.

“The kids are alleging actions taken by the Federal Government that cause climate change violate their rights of life liberty and property,” said Chris Carnevale of the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy.

That lawsuit says both Republican and Democratic administrations have known the negative effects of climate change for 50 years, but have consistently taken action to make global warming worse.

21 young people between the ages of 11 and 22 brought the suit against the Federal Government in Oregon.

“There’s going to be rallies like ours all over the country,” Carnevale added. “People all over the country are standing up to say we’re behind the kids the kids deserve to be heard, we need a national climate action plan.”

Attorneys for the Trump Administration requested a last-minute delay of the trial, according to Carnevale. The Supreme Court granted that request.

“This lawsuit is not a partisan tactic, this lawsuit was initially field against the Obama administration, and since the Trump administration has taken over the Federal Government, it’s now directed at that administration,” Carnevale said.

Groups are expected to rally around 10 a.m. on the sidewalk outside Federal Court in downtown Charleston. The Coastal Conservation League, the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, and College of Charleston Alliance for Planet Earth are all expected to rally.

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