Ex-North Charleston Police officer Michael Slager's sentence appeal scheduled

This May 2017 mugshot of Michael Slager was taken after he pleaded guilty to use of excessive force ahead of his federal trial in Charleston related to Walter Scott's death. (Charleston County Detention Center)

The appeal for ex-North Charleston Police officer Michael Slager, who is serving 20 years for shooting and killing unarmed black man Walter Scott in April 2015, has been set.

According to court documents, the argument session is tentatively scheduled for Oct. 30-Nov. 1.

It will be heard before the United States Court of Appeals for the fourth circuit in Richmond, Virginia, according to court documents.

Motions and other documents related to the appeal are due this month.

Slager is serving his 20-year prison sentence in SCI Englewood in Littleton, Colorado.

Slager pled guilty in May 2017 to federal civil rights charges for shooting and killing Scott. According to the Bureau of Prisons website, his release date from prison is January 2034.

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Federal prosecutors had asked for life imprisonment, claiming Slager committed second-degree murder when he fired eight gunshots at Scott in a vacant lot off Remount Road in North Charleston, April 4, 2015.

Slager had stopped Scott for a broken brake light. Moments into the traffic stop, Scott -- who was wanted on a family court bench warrant for unpaid child support -- ran away from the vehicle. Slager gave chase.

There was exhaustive discussion and testimony regarding what happened between the moment Slager disappeared from view of his patrol car's dash camera in pursuit of Scott, and when Slager ultimately pulled his gun and fired shots toward a fleeing's Scott's back.

The latter scene was infamously and graphically captured on cellphone video recorded by bystander Feidin Santana.

Santana's video shows Scott involved in a struggle with Slager, who was trying to handcuff him and place him under arrest.

In the video, Scott is seen breaking free from Slager and beginning to run away. Santana's video shows Scott nearly 15 feet away from Slager with his back to him when the officer began firing his weapon.

Five bullets hit Scott, fatally wounding him.

at the time of his sentencing, Andy Savage, Slager's defense attorney, filed an appeal on Slager's behalf in an effort to have Slager's prison sentence reduced, which he argued for prior to Slager's sentencing.

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