Father of Nicole Goodlett talks about the first time he met her killer

Jerald Jermaine Howard (Berkeley County Sheriff's Office)

James Goodlett traveled from Texas to Charleston on Tuesday afternoon to speak about the new details in the murder of his daughter Nicole Goodlett.

Nicole was reported missing back in 2014. Berkeley County officials say her remains were found in 2015 by a hunter, scattered and burned in a wooded area behind Cainhoy Elementary school in Huger.

Last week, officials arrested Nicole's then-boyfriend, 36-year-old Jerald Jermaine Howard, and charged him with her murder, three years later.

The Berkeley County Sheriff's office says Howard has been a prime suspect during the whole investigation.

Last week, investigators say while searching through Howard's cell phone, they discovered several internet searches on the phone like, "Can you identify a burned body?"

Today, James Goodlett is trying to wrap his head around why Howard would do this.

"The discovery was very gruesome; it's horrible that a human being would do something like that to the mother of his children, and for her to found in that condition with animals eating at her bones," he said.

James Goodlett said that when he first met Howard, "he appeared to be a honest person, and carried himself very well," he said.

Nicole and Howard had twin daughters together. Goodlett and his wife now have custody of the twins, as well as Nicole's son from a previous relationship.

When asked if he had anything to say to the killer of his daughter, Goodlett said, "I do not want to address that individual, but I'd like him to address the attorney and prosecution."

Bobby Shuler, with the Berkeley County Sheriff's Office, says solving this case is a small victory for the department and the family.

"You want to see this opportunity come for the family and get the process going to seek justice for the victim," he said.

Howard appeared in bond court on the magistrate level, but the magistrate can not set bond for this type of case.

Shuler says Howard will now appear in front of a circuit judge if he requests bond to be set.

We will provide updates for when this case goes to trial.

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