Several feet of water from Ashley River flood homes in Summerville neighborhood


Several rivers are above flood state. Now, the Ashley River has flooded the Ashborough neighborhood of Summerville. Other than downed trees and yard debris, people thought they came out of Hurricane Matthew unscathed. But Monday morning, many woke up to a familiar, yet unwelcome sight.

Almost a year ago to the day, Rick Campbell was rescued from his Mayfield Street house by boat after roughly four-feet of water rushed through his home.

“As Yogi Berra will say, this is déjà vu all over again,” Campbell said.

On Tuesday, water levels were half last year’s, but enough to ruin a renovation Campbell completed just four weeks ago. Brown water now sits in the kitchen, which has never been used.

“It’s still done a lot of damage. I got a brand new kitchen under there,” he said. “Spent a lot of money getting the house up to date and we were getting ready to put it on the market this week.”

With the help of friends, Campbell pulled what he could from the bottom floor, including a brand new TV.

“I would have never ever, ever dreamed that this would happen again,” said Campbell. “Last year was a fluke.”

He’s not alone. Nickole Samios lives down the street. Knee deep water sat outside her home.

“Oh yeah, yeah we’ve just had our whole house gutted, the downstairs new floors, new kitchen new everything,” said Samios. “(The neighbors) just had theirs done as well and yeah, we’re concerned.”

While another wash-out was unexpected, she said it’s lonelier this time around.

“You figure everyone else is in the same thing but yet life is going on around you, you know, it’s so different,” she said. “Life goes on up the hill, just not down here.”

The area is still without power. Crews are hoping to turn electricity on sometime later this week.

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