Fire Officials Say New West Ashley Fire Station Will Better Protect Carolina Bay

Charleston Fire Department (WCIV)

The city of Charleston's latest capital investment is taking shape in West Ashley. It’s a fire station designed to capitalize on continuing growth.

Pouring the foundation for future fire protection. Charleston city leaders say that's the goal of a new $3.5 million dollar fire station under construction at the corner of Carolina Bay and Memorial Drives.

"Because of our auto aid agreement, we're able to meet the demand of the public. But in order to be the most efficient delivery service we can, we like to be able to position fire stations in strategic locations," said John Tippett, interim chief of the Charleston Fire Department.

Tippett explained with more homes, apartments, and condos being built in Carolina Bay, a new fire station is needed to better protect the people who are moving in.

"It’s certainly going to shorten the response time for that immediate community area. And then again because of the way we dispatch apparatus, we will have an additional piece of equipment able to respond quicker," he said.

Contractors are putting the finishing touches on the 10-thousand square foot building. It'll include living quarters, a full-service kitchen, meeting space, and training capabilities. City leaders say it also has unique features.

"This is one of our first projects that will have a hurricane rating as well as earthquakes. So we've installed earthquake drains here. This is one of our emergency facilities that we'll be stationing people during the hurricanes and any other emergency event," said Beth Browlee, senior construction project manager for the city of Charleston.

Construction workers are digging a path for a building of the future for firefighters to protect people and property.

"We're very much looking forward to opening service there and serving the community," Tippett said.

City officials say fire station #14 should be finished by the beginning of November. Firefighters could move in by Thanksgiving.

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