Four teens arrested for sexually assaulting minor girls at St. George motel

(St. George Police Dept.)

Four teens were arrested for drugging and sexually assaulting two minor girls under the age of 15 at a St. Geroge motel.

St. George Police say that during the evening on March 30, all four suspects meet two girls in a St. George motel room.

During the evening the girls were given a control substance and then all four suspects sexually assaulted the two victims, according to Brett Camp, chief of police at the St. George Police Department.

Three of the suspects, Tyrell R. Hopkins, 18, Ronald D. Summers, 19, and Ale K. Brown Jr., 18 are charged with criminal sexual conduct with a minor, two counts, distribute narcotic with intent to commit a crime, two counts and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, two counts.

The forth suspect, Yo'Quan A. Summers, 17, was charged with criminal sexual conduct, two counts and distribute narcotic with intent to commit a crime, two counts.

The victims picked the suspects out of a photo line-up.

"The St. George Police Department was able to put together all the evidence needed to issue over 20 arrest warrants on four different suspects. The case in question is very serious and alarming," Camp said.

Hopkins, Ronald D. Summers and Yo'Quan A. Summers were arrested April 19. Bond was set at $ 100,000 for Hopkins and Ronald D. Summers and $ 90,000 for Yo'Quan A. Summers.

All have since made bond and have been released.

Ale K. Brown Jr. was arrested Monday and is awaiting to see the St. George Municipal Court Judge.

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