Lowcountry man and friend inspired by picture to help Hurricane Harvey victims

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The 2017 hurricane season has been deadly and devastating. It all started with Harvey. Each picture, every piece of video seemingly worse than the next. It was one picture in particular out of Texas that inspired a fisherman and a friend to take action.

And reason why we honor Jamie Hough and Sally Myers with this month’s Jefferson Award.

He’s not one to hog the spotlight, but he is known the help those in need, including Daisy.

Rescuing the not so little piggy pales in comparison to Jamie’s efforts in Orange, Texas just outside of Beaumont.

“The picture of the women in the nursing home with water up to their chest. There was speculation that it wasn’t real, but it was good enough to get me off my butt,” said Hough when asked which image from the storm struck him the most.

Hough who owns a fishing charter was in, hook line and sinker.

“I looked at my wife and said you know I have to go, she said I know this will be the biggest thing you do in your life. I didn’t know when I started collecting water that I would be going," said Hough.

A simple post on social media propelled Hough into overdrive. In five hours, people had 5 thousand dollars.

“I put another post up that I needed a chain saw, an ax, climbing rope and gas cans and a john boat. It didn’t take 30 minutes and six addresses by 9 o’clock, I was packed and ready to roll," said Hough.

But he wasn’t going to roll alone, a longtime friend, insisted on riding shot gun.

Jamie and Sally Myers drove through the night. What they encountered twenty hours later haunts them to this day.

"The children. The hardest thing I’ve faced is getting to sleep at night with those images of kids in my mind. There were lots and lots of them," said Myers.

Jamie put his boating skills to the test navigating uncharted waters and with Sally as co-pilot the pair rescued hundreds from their homes.

"I said ma’am I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but if I came to pick you up in a pick-up truck I wouldn't be sitting here in a john boat right now in your parking lot. In a john boat with the motor running and down and not hitting the pavement," said Hough.

It wasn’t just men and women who needed rescuing. There were also two of mans best friends. Those two pups found a news home in the Lowcountry, with a pig.

"The places that we visited were in dire need and still are in dire need. not going to see it on CNN and Facebook. It is bad and it is still bad,” said Myers

For four days, palmetto pride lifted the spirit of Texans, and Daisy got two new roommates.

In 72 hours, the pair raised $32,000 and put it all into the hands of those who needed it the most. Jamie and Sally hope their trip opened peoples eyes that it doesn’t take a village, but a country to make a difference.

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