Gainsborough Dr. construction expected to be completed Monday morning, weather permitting

Gainsborough construction.JPG

Gainsborough Drive is home to five neighborhoods. For the second time, contractors are repaving the road, but drivers living and working in the area could soon have a much smoother ride.

Every rock- and every bump- has been grinding Joan Eckert's gears. “It’s just unbelievable. This has been going on since about May.”

She and her husband live on Gainsborough Drive. It’s the only way for the couple to access any other road. “To get out to 26 we gotta come out this way. To go to whatever, we’re shopping we have to take this road out to St. James. St. James is a big connecting point.”

Eckert is not alone with her frustrations. Ty Wilder has found himself sitting in the construction traffic multiples times a day. “It sucks driving on it.”

Wilder works in the area and said the construction is adding more time to his commute. “This road is a really busy road and it’s always busy so it kind of sucks because it slows everything down.”

Mother nature will be the determining factor of the completion of this project. Sub-contractors wouldn’t go on camera, but they say if it’s not too cold, a smooth road will be underway come Sunday night.

The mixture they use to pave the road is warm and if it’s too cold they won’t be able to pave it.

If constructions crews are able to pave the road, it will be ready for drivers Monday morning.

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