Gamecocks fan responds to Clemson billboard talk with Puerto Rico fundraising campaign

Gamecocks fan responds to Clemson billboards with Puerto Rico fundraising campaign

The South Carolina Gamecocks are stepping up for hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico.

After seeing Clemson fans raising money for a billboard to antagonize USC fans, Chris Cox of Charleston decided something had to be done.

He created a GoFundMe campaign to match what Clemson fans raised. But, he said the money will be donated to relief efforts in Puerto Rico.

"While they're crowing over the success of their football team, we'll spend our time supporting our brothers and sisters on the Island of Enchantment," his post on the GoFundMe campaign reads. "We Gamecocks are a proud bunch. Let's show them how."

Cox said all proceeds will go to Unidos por Puerto Rico. View the GoFundMe campaign here:

Some 230 people had contributed more than $6,000 as of Wednesday at 2:30 p.m

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