Gilliard meeting with Citadel Republican Society to tell group Bannon visit was "wrong"

Wendell Gilliard (WCIV)

State representative Wendell Gilliard is expected to meet with the president of the Citadel's Republican Society on Wednesday.

The group's president, Cameron Brown, was among the organizers of a November 10th dinner at which former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon spoke.

"These young people are going to go out in our society and they're going to be responsible for a lot of things in our community," Gilliard said of Citadel cadets. "When you're dealing with young people, when you do wrong, we have to let them knowin a positive way."

Gilliard met with the president of the Citadel before Bannon's controversial appearance. He also wrote a letter to the corp of cadets, telling them that Bannon is the chief curator of the alt-right movement, which is a group he says stands for hate and bigotry.

"We want to have a dialogue with them. There's nothing wrong with sitting down and letting them know what they did was wrong," Gilliard said.

The Citadel is in Gilliard's house district. Protesters gathered outside the November 10th dinner at which Bannon spoke.

"Our goal is to move forward, work together, no matter whether you're black or white, your creed or color, but we have to set a positive example," Gilliard added.

ABC News 4 emailed and called Cameron Brown, the president of the Citadel's Republican Society, for comment, but had not heard back as of the time of this article's publication.

Wednesday's meeting was scheduled for 4:30 p.m. on the 2nd floor of Mark Clark Hall at The Citadel.

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