Goose Creek Elementary teacher kicks student, video shows

Goose Creek Elementary teacher kicks student, video shows (Provided)

A Goose Creek Elementary School teacher no longer works for the Berkeley County School District after she kicked a student, officials confirm.

Tierra Walker kicked a student after she'd removed the boy from her class on October 4, 2018, school surveillance video shows.

Walker is no longer employed by Berkeley County schools, BCSD spokesperson Katie Tanner confirmed Wednesday.

According to Maj. John Grainger with Goose Creek Police, students say Walker dumped the 11-year-old boy out of his chair for being disruptive during class, dragged the boy out of the room, then kicked his leg out of the classroom doorway.

Surveillance video shows the boy on the floor in the hallway, and shows him being kicked just before the classroom door is shut.

Police say students who witnessed the incident told them the boy was asked to leave the room because he was not listening in class and making animal noises.

The boy reportedly refused to leave the room, leading Walker to forcibly remove him, according to police.

No assault charges will be filed against Walker over the incident, police say.

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