Goose Creek still undecided on location for Carnes Crossroads fire station

Goose Creek Fire Station (WCIV)

Goose Creek officials say they will soon decide exactly where they will build a new fire station to serve people in the Carnes Crossroads area.

Right now, the nearest station is nearly four miles away on the Old Mount Holly Road, city officials say.

The Carnes Crossroads neighborhood is home to more than 150 families, with thousands more expected to move into the area as new housing developments are built in the next few years.

It’s also home to Northwood Academy, and the future location of Roper Berkeley Hospital.

Goose Creek Mayor, Michael Heitzler, said Tuesday city leaders will have to decide on a specific location soon..

“The first thing we do, we provide plenty of water, then we provide safe neighborhoods," Heitzler said. "Fire, police, rescue, EMS --- all that stuff goes into it, and we’ve committed to doing that. Right up there near the top is a fire department and four people on duty at all times,.”

Heitzler didn’t expound on how much the project will cost, but said it would be expensive. He told voters that the fire station will happen, regardless.

“We have to get together in a workshop, and look at the map, and say 'This is where we want to put it,'" Heitzler said. "We can do that, but that’s a commitment we’ve made to our citizens.”

There’s no word on when they hope to have it built by.

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