Goose Creek voters unseat Heitzler, elect Greg Habib as mayor

Gregory Habib (WCIV)

Thousands of voters in Goose Creek came out to the polls Tuesday for a historic election.

Unofficial results show that Greg Habib narrowly unseated incumbent Michael Heitzler as Mayor of Goose Creek.

Habib received 1,612 votes and Heitzler received 1,544 votes, according to unofficial results,

Six candidates vied for three council seats. Candidates taking the top spots were Debra Green Fletcher, Corey McClary and Jerry Tekac, according to unofficial results.

The results took a long time to come in after voters stood in line for hours as the polls were closing.

The last person voted at 7:55 p.m.

The election day was faced with challenges. At one point, the polling machines weren’t working and voters had to use paper ballots. Poll workers say they had to make sure all of those ballots were properly shaded in, in order to scan.

Adam Hammons, director of Berkeley County Voter Registration and Elections, said this made getting the results a longer process.

“Luckily, we have a short ballot this time,” he said.

Meanwhile, voters said no matter who won the elections, there are a few key issues they hope their elected officials take seriously.

Cassandra Williams said, “I’m very excited about changes.”

Cliff McElvogue said he’s lived in Goose Greek since the 1960s. His biggest concern is traffic.

“Homes, people, school traffic, I think that’s one of the big political issues, traffic and more restaurants,” he said.

For voter Ruth Singletary, she’s hoping to see more restaurants come to Goose Creek.

“It would be nice just to have a steakhouse here. I don’t really care about fine dining, but somewhere you can sit down, have a good piece of steak and have family sitting around the table,” she said.

Other voters, like Charles Williams, were simply excited to see so many people come out for a local election.

“It’s important that elections start locally, and not just nationally, and it’s good to see our growing community taking the initiative to care about their own community.”

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