GOP Candidates Ask For Voter Support Ahead Of District 99 Runoff Election

Nancy Mace - Mark Smith (WCIV)

District 99 covers an area from Mt. Pleasant to Daniel Island, parts of Cainhoy, Hanahan, and Goose Creek. Two of the people who want to represent it are competing for a political prize of a seat in the statehouse.

Rivalry week means more than just football in this part of the Lowcountry. Politics is the other competitive sport.

"Hi there! Election day reminder," greeted Nancy Mace as she met with a voter after answering a door knock at her Daniel Island home.

Mace is one of the Republican candidates looking for votes in District 99.

"Hey John! It's Mark Smith calling. How are you, sir," asked Mark Smith while talking on the phone. He’s the other GOP candidate.

Smith was working the phones at his funeral home on Rifle Range Road in Mt. Pleasant during the last few days of a campaign where both are trying capture the attention of voters in parts of Charleston and Berkeley Counties.

"We have a lot of issues that are facing District 99. From roads to taxes to the nuclear power plant mess. And I want to take what I've learned in business the last almost 20 years and apply it here," Mace said.

"The number one issue is traffic. The number two issue is traffic. The number three issue is traffic. Traffic and infrastructure," Smith said.

Smith and Mace agree that transportation concerns are a top priority. If elected, they hope to elevate the importance of road funding in the district. But building more roads also means re-building public trust. The General Assembly's reputation is tarnished after various corruption scandals.

"The Statehouse. The legislature. Don't need to be policing themselves when it comes to ethical issues. And that's number one in terms of legislation something I would like to see accomplished," explained Mace.

"It’s time that we have good people step up to the plate and join the good people that are there and help them bring that conservative message back to Columbia," Smith added.

A grassroots effort from two people trying to earn the support of voters.

"I think it’s really important that we have people with an analytical business mind to tackle some of these issues," said Mace.

"I am well prepared. I understand the uniqueness of each of the municipalities. The special characteristics of each of those," Smith said.

Smith and Mace will take part in a runoff debate on Monday, November 27th at 7pm at Municipal Court, 1255 Yeamans Hall Road in Hanahan.

It’s one of the last chances voters will hear them together before the polls open on Tuesday. The winner of the runoff will face Democrat Cindy Boatwright in a special election in January.

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