Gov. McMaster talks GOP lawmaker indictments in Citadel visit

Gov. Henry McMaster (WCIV)

The Citadel is a friendly familiar political stop for Republicans, and Governor Henry McMaster is no exception.

During his stop here today, the governor touted economic victories for the state, but he shied away from the statehouse corruption scandal hanging like a dark cloud over the general assembly.

"It's because South Carolina has great research universities."

Members of the Corps of Cadets were a captive audience for Governor Henry McMaster. The state's top Republican spoke to The Citadel's Republican society. Similar to a stump speech, McMaster praised economic growth, low unemployment, and a promising future for the cadets. But he didn't talk about the corruption probe at Main and Gervais streets.

"Do you worry that there could be more indictments handed down here? These things. You just have to let those things take their course in order for people to have trust."

Governor McMaster offered few comments about the recent indictments of top GOP leaders in the general assembly. While he refused to say if he had confidence in special prosecutor David Pascoe, he pledged to be patient during the investigation.

"Investigators can't be hurried. They shouldn't be hurried. They shouldn't be slowed down. You just have to let them run their course."

"It's definitely something that is going to impact McMaster not only in his ability to get work done. But also in his ability to run for re-election."

College of Charleston political science professor, Gibbs Knotts sees possible problems for Republicans. He thinks the scandals at the statehouse could affect the governor's race.

"A Democrat can win. It's just going to be difficult. It's going to mean a really good campaign by that Democrat. And also some things that republicans do wrong. Or some cloud hanging over republicans' heads."

"South Carolina is a handshake state."

A dose of southern hospitality in what could be a hostile election cycle.

"I trust our legal system in the united states. Its the best there is in the whole world."

Governor McMaster tells me he isn't sure what's next in the special prosecutor's investigation.

Dr. Gibbs Knotts says a lot can happen to sway voters opinions.

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