Gov. McMaster: I don't think anybody can stop us

COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) - Governor Henry McMaster says the key to solving the state's problems is economic prosperity. It has been a little more than three weeks since McMaster took the oath of office, and in a one-on-one interview with WACH FOX News' Tara Petitt, the new Governor spoke about the issues facing the state and his plans for the future of South Carolina.

"What I wanna do is help move our people up- allow them to exercise all their strength, and I think we're going right straight to the top," said Governor McMaster. "I don't think anybody can stop us."

Among topics surrounding the McMaster administration is the relationship between him and the new President.

"What is your relationship with President Donald Trump?" asked Petitt.

"I think he's... some would say a 'game changer'," said McMaster. "I think he's bringing a lot of freshness and strength to the country, and I think the people are ready for it, and that's why he got elected."

Some say Governor McMaster's relationship with the President could give the state an advantage- including billions of dollars to help pay for South Carolina's crumbling roads.

"And you were comfortable asking him for five billion dollars for the state?" asked Petitt.

"I sure- yes I was. Because, see that's our money anyway," said McMaster. "People of South Carolina send a lot of money to Washington, and all we want is just a little bit back to help us with these projects. They're very important for the future of our state, and I hope we can get it."

Upgrading the state's roads is one of several issues the McMaster administration faces. The state's pension system is stretched to the breaking point, and the embattled Department of Juvenile Justice remains without a permanent Director.

A recent audit shows DJJ isn't ready for a riot despite improvements after a series of uprisings last year.

"We're gonna make it better," said McMaster, "and those problems that you just mentioned, we have all across society- that's just those that go over the edge are the ones that end up there. A great economic prosperity, safety through law enforcement as well as good citizenry is the kind of thing that eliminates those kinds of problems."

Governor McMaster says he's looking forward to economic prosperity that will provide growth and a positive future for South Carolina.

"I'm just delighted to have an opportunity to participate in that progress."

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