Government shutdown stops Fort Sumter tours

Fort Sumter (WCIV)

Due to the government shutdown, tourists are not allowed to visit Fort Sumter.

Rick Mosteller, a partner with Fort Sumter Tours, says this isn't the first government shutdown his group has had to deal with, and probably won't be the last.

“We do the best we can given the situation," Mosteller says. "Our employees still have to work, and we have visitors from all over the world.”

To keep things going, Fort Sumter tours is providing a non-stop harbor tour around the Charleston Harbor, with National Park Service approved narration about Fort Sumter.

The boat tour is allowed to travel past the national monument; it's just not allowed to stop.

Mosteller says business has definitely slowed a bit, due to the park's closure.

" We don’t have as many people that decide to do the harbor tour, but we still have a lot of folks that want to go," Mosteler said. "We had folks this morning from Asia who were here to Charleston, and so they’re here they just want to get out in the water and see the city in that perspective.”

Fort Sumter Tours will continue to take this route, until the government shutdown is over.

Fort Sumter National Monument, which includes Fort Moultrie, is one of seven national parks and historic sites in South Carolina.

Some sites and parks may remain accessible to the public during the shutdown, but will not be fully staffed, according to the National Parks Service website.

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