Gym parking lot smash and grab cases expand into North Charleston, Goose Creek

This photo was provided by Kelley Kayla. He said his wife's car was broken into at the Planet Fitness in North Charleston.

Car break-ins continue at fitness centers across the Lowcountry. After Tuesday’s report of break-ins, we learned three more gyms across the area were hit.

Abigale Weidick told ABC News 4 that the Planet Fitness at Northwoods Mall in North Charleston had not notified her of recent break-ins. Weidick said that she often leaves her purse in the car, ”Usually if I bring my purse with me, I kind of just tuck it under my seat and I park close to the gym.”

We spoke with two other gym-goers who left valuable items in their cars as well. Both said they were unaware of the recent car break-ins.

In Goose Creek, the O2 Fitness gym was also hit. A manager said they've reached out to their landlords about adding security cameras to the parking lot.

At Pivotal Fitness in Summerville, thieves smashed in windows early Wednesday morning. A gym-goer said a number of purses were stolen from cars. We caught up with the husband of one victim, and luckily -- he said the thief wasn't too smart.

"Her purse was actually on the front seat of the (car) but her jacket was covering it, but they didn't even see it," said Kellen Kayla. He said the suspects only got away with a baby bag.

Charleston Security Systems told ABC News 4 that with the recent string of break-ins, they've been getting more calls about installing video surveillance.

We reached out to the North Charleston Police Department and have not heard back. Investigators at the Summerville Police Department said they are still reviewing all the evidence and video they’ve collected.

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