Heavy rainfall unearths several graves at Monrovia Cemetery in downtown Charleston


A cemetery is supposed to be a final resting place, but some loved one aren't resting in peace. Heavy rainfall over the weekend unearthed some graves at the Monrovia Cemetery in downtown Charleston. On Monday, people were eager to see if their loved one’s gravesite was flooded.

Tanesha Hotwell stopped by to check on her sister’s gravesite. She was laid to rest early last month.

“I had to come down here to check and make sure everything was good,” said Hotwell. “It looks normal to me other than a couple flowers and stuff shifted around but other than that it doesn’t look out of order.”

Farther in, a small portion of the cemetery was still underwater Monday morning. There was about a foot of water covering headstones and grave markers and in some instances, tombstones and caskets were partially exposed.

Faith Doster spent an hour looking for her father’s grave.

“One of the caskets I had seen in the pictures I thought was my dad,” Doster said. “I went home and put on my boots and came back out, walked over there and sure enough it’s him, he’s literally up out the ground. I can actually see his casket, he’s not in the tomb anymore.”

She and several others walked around in disbelief since flooding has never been an issue at the cemetery before. The cemetery sits on roughly 1.5 acres right next to the Ashley River. It’s privately owned and managed.

Doster hopes the issue gets fixed and she won’t be on the hook for burying her father one last time.

“I’ll just leave it in God’s hands because that’s the only thing I can do is leave it in God’s hands,” she said.

A cemetery spokesperson said they will do whatever is possible to correct the issue and added nothing immediate can be done, they’re waiting on the water to recede before they can get crews and equipment in there. In the meantime, they’ve locked the gates so the water can settle.

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