Help S.C. foster children find their "4 Ever Families"

Ronis is one of many children available for adoption in South Carolina (WCIV)

ABC News 4 has partnered with SC Heart Gallery to help improve South Carolina’s adoption rates.

According to recent data from SC Department of Social Services, there are roughly 4,500 children currently in foster care.

Clark Smith from SC Heart Gallery Foundation is in charge of producing videos that highlight each adoptable child.

“People have this misconception that they're broken, or they're damaged somehow because they had to go into foster care,” Smith said.

Smith says there's been a 60% success rate in getting the children in foster care adopted since implementing the use of profile videos in 2014.

The children who are highlighted are very much part of the process and take pride in how they are portrayed.

“They want to make a good impression. I’ve had them want to retake something because they didn’t get it quite right,” Smith said.

ABC News 4 will highlight a child that is currently available for adoption. Look for this special coverage during Good Morning Charleston and the 5pm broadcast each Tuesday.

The hope is this partnership will help increase success rates from 60% to 80% or more.

Click here to learn more about the South Carolina Heart Gallery.

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