Hollywood to Hollywood? Local woman sings her way to the front of the American Idol line

Lyndsey Bramlett (Provided)

Lowcountry native Lyndsey Bramlett is one of many looking to be discovered by American Idol tomorrow.

If her face looks familiar to you, there are a few reasons why...

Bramlett's singing abilities led her to the claiming of the Miss Charleston Teen and Miss Summerville Teen crowns in her younger years. She has also performed with the Dock Street Theater.

As the line to get in front of the judges at the Charleston Area Convention Center grows Friday, Bramlett will not have the fear of some. Yes, there is a chance many people will not get a an opportunity to sing in front of the judges. Auditions will end at around 5 p.m., even if there are people in the line.

Bramlett, a Hollywood resident is one of a handful of people who entered our "Skip the Line" contest. The perk is obvious. While others wait, she goes straight to the front. Now, she admits, her only concern is the songs she will sing.

Each person who makes it through the line and into the audition will have to sing at least two songs, a capella. For our contest, Bramlett submitted a clip of her singing Criminal by Fionna Apple. We're not sure yet if that song will be on her short list for the judges.

This story will be updated.

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