Formerly homeless man reunites with dog, starts new chapter


Things are looking up for a formerly homeless Charleston man.

Adam Gibson lived in a tent in the woods for a year.

By his side the whole time was his fiancée and his dog, Bronx.

It was January's snow storm that ultimately pushed Gibson to seek help, but it came with some sacrifices.

He could not bring his dog to the homeless shelter. He said it's the reason why he, along with many other homeless people, did not actively seek help sooner.

When went to 180-Place shelter in Charleston and told them his dilemma, they called Charleston Animal Society to work something out.

Through their outreach program, they were able to place Bronx in a sanctuary where he's been cared for the last four months.

"The bond between Bronx and Adam was so strong that he wasn't willing to just give his dog up and so it was really important that we kept them together because of their relationship," said Kristin Kifer, CAS Outreach Specialist. "Our goal here at Charleston Animal Society is not to take animals away. We want to keep animals in their homes and we go to great lengths to make that happen."

During his time with 180 Place, Gibson secured a job and is moving into a pet-friendly apartment on Friday.

On Thursday, Gibson and Bronx reunited for the first time since they parted.

"It's a day I've been waiting for, it's an awesome feeling. It was hard to separate from him," said Gibson.

"When I was struggling to make it through an eight-hour shift at work, in the back of my head was, 'I'm doing this for Bronx, for my family, for my fiancée and for us as a family,'" Gibson said.

Gibson rescued four-year-old Bronx from a shelter in Atlanta, where the dog's days were numbered.

Gibson adopted him on December 16, 2016 and from that day forward, he said he'd never give up on his new best friend.

"I told them when I rescued him from the shelter in Atlanta that I would take care of him and that I wouldn't leave him and that nobody would ever hurt him again," he said. "That's what made making the decision of leaving my dog or separating from him that much harder because I made a commitment to him and myself that I was going to take care of him."

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