Horry County School Board Member Sherrie Todd asked to step down after Facebook post

(Horry County School Board)

Horry County School Board Member Sherrie Todd has been asked to step down after sharing a controversial post on Facebook, according to the Horry County Alliance for Educational Justice (HCAEJ.)

Todd shared the post on Sept. 18 that read:

I've already decided that whoever wins the Democrat Nomination in 2020 sexually assaulted me 40 years ago.

HCAEJ described the post as "completely offensive, inappropriate, insensitive and beneath someone who has the responsibility of caring for the most vulnerable citizens of Horry County."

They say the post shows a "gross lack of consideration of the lived reality of our fellow citizens, including children, who are survivors of sexual assault" and that the post "make light of falsely accusing someone of sexual assault."

HCAEJ said Todd offered, what they considered, a half-hearted apology, and feel the appropriate course of action is to call for her to resign immediately.

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