How to keep your kids sting, bite and hazard free this summer

How to keep your kids sting, bite and hazard free this summer (WCIV)

It's officially summer and that means kids will be spending more time outside. Fun activities like swimming, summer camp and playing outside can come with some risks.

A Lowountry nurse practitioner has some tips to keep your kids safe this season.

Christina DelCotto works at the CVS Minute Clinic in Mount Pleasant. She says there are a number of ailments they see this time of year.

"We see a lot of swimmers ear this time of year, if your child were to complain of ear pain especially when you lay on the pillow at night the outer ear, they would need to come in and get some antibiotic drops for the ear," said DelCotto.

She has a tip for what parents should do after a child is diagnosed with swimmers ear.

"They need to stay out of the water for 7-10 days," DelCotto said.

Children could potentially contract another infection if they reenter the water too doon.

Another thing to watch out for is bug bites. Experts suggest staying indoors at dusk or wearing long sleeves and pants to avoid mosquito bites.

"They also like standing water, so if you have still standing water in your back yard it's good to get rid of that," said DelCotto.

DelCotto says a little spray can go a long way!

"Using insect repellent with deet around their legs and ankles is good because the ticks come from the ground and come up that way so anytime at camp just be aware if the kids are out in the woods that can happen," said DelCotto.

But they're not the only pesky problem in the woods- make sure your kids look twice before they touch anything green

"We're seeing a lot of poison ivy, best way to prevent poison ivy is to educate your kids what to stay away from, look for leaves of 3. the saying is leaves of 3 let them be," said DelCotto.

Not everyone is allergic to poison ivy. But if the rash spreads- you should see a doctor.

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