If you missed out on the free antenna, get your discount here

In the image above is information on how you can obtain a discount on an antenna from Antennas Direct.

Three hundred HDTV antennas were given out at WCIV today, but if you missed the event there's still a way to benefit from those responsible.

Antennas Direct has provided a voucher for 35 percent off the purchase of an antenna on their website.

The giveaway at WCIV was a part of an Antennas Direct campaign in which representatives of the company travel across the country giving away free antennas.

According to an Antennas Direct spokesperson, the average cable bill is over $120 a month, and the average cable or satellite subscriber only watches up to 17 channels, most them are free with a TV antenna.

Anyone wishing to "cut the cord" can supplement an antenna with a streaming service like Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV, or Amazon Prime.

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