Important tips for staying safe this Memorial Day weekend

Saturday afternoon, Berkeley County Sheriff Officer Brian Kieffer, patrolled Lake Moultrie.

His goal is to help make sure people remain safe while enjoying their Holiday weekend.

Officer Kieffer says it is required by law to have a life jacket for all members on board on the vessel.

Each boat must also have a paddle on board, along with a horn or a whistle.

While on the ride along with Officer Kieffer, we were flagged down by a family stranded on a boat.

That's when Kieffer and his crew of fellow officers, worked to pull the boat near the patrol vessel, and pulled them back to shore safely.

Moments like these are the reasons why Kieffer says to always make sure everything on the boat is in check, before heading out into the water. " Have your safety equipment and be aware of others around you."

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