In search of the best Charleston flooding Internet memes

    By Andy

    CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Every cloud has a silver lining and every Charleston flood comes with its own brand of snarky, social media humor.{}

    In light of the latest flooding, we're collecting some of the best, local{}flooding memes here. So far we've found everything from the Loch Ness Monster to fighting alligators on King Street.{}

    Are we missing one or do you have an idea for a better one? Post it on our Facebook page{}or tweet us at @abcnews4.{}

    @CHSPourHouse #chswx

    sean keefer (@sfkllc) October 3, 2015

    @AndyParas @ABCNews4 here's another one. We literally got an email saying this #chswx

    Lauren McLean (@classyfabulous1) October 3, 2015

    So when do we expect Kevin Costner to show up? @AndyParas #chsflood #chswx

    Tina Furiosa (@IntroToGeek) October 3, 2015


    Holy City Sinner (@HolyCitySinner) October 3, 2015


    SquidCloud (@SquidCloud) October 3, 2015

    @AndyParas @ABCNews4 @chswx You know honey, we could get a 2 for 1 on that Venice trip we were planning

    Scoop Charleston (@scoopchs) October 3, 2015

    Moose out front should've told ya...

    theREAL Beachgrommit (@Beachgrommit) October 2, 2015

    @chswx @scoccaro Nessie Lives! #Charleston #charlestonflooding

    Molly Frizelle (@mollsfrizelle) October 2, 2015

    This flooding downtown is getting out of hand. #chsflood #chsnews @HolyCitySinner

    Charleston Bagpipers (@CharlestonPipes) October 1, 2015

    #Charleston feeding frenzy.

    Chas Pirate Tours (@ChasPirateTours) October 2, 2015


    Mike Courtney (@notoriouslynice) October 3, 2015

    #TWC #NOAA #Charleston

    StaceyShelbyConaway (@CaptStaySea) October 2, 2015

    All is well in #Charleston SC, just a little damp. #flooding

    RockHardCandy (@RockHardCandy) October 2, 2015

    Don't worry Charleston friends....@AndyParas #aquageddon #chswx #Charleston

    Lauren Kizer (@Lauren_Kizer23) October 3, 2015

    @AndyParas @ABCNews4 #aquageddon #chswx

    Lauren Kizer (@Lauren_Kizer23) October 3, 2015


    S I Coyote (@SI_Coyote) October 3, 2015

    @AndyParas #chswx

    Protuhj (@protuhj) October 3, 2015

    #Charleston flooding. Here ya go @AndyParas #chswx #chsweather

    Dr. Llama T. Taboot (@hbdinwid) October 4, 2015

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