Inflatable holiday displays will stay in Mt. Pleasant's Old Village


    A light fight of a different kind in a Lowcountry community. This one involves inflatable holiday decorations. You see them in neighborhoods everywhere. Christmas displays that use air to stay inflated while positioned in a front yard. But someone is complaining about them in Mount Pleasant.

    Beyond the wooden gate along a brick walkway, symbols of the Christmas season are installed in the yard.

    "I just think they're really cool and just brings happiness to everyone," explained George Lari, a 9-year boy who lives nearby in the Old Village of Mt. Pleasant.

    "I love children. The youth come see them. We put it up for Halloween," said Ebbie Frampton who lives in a house on Pitt Street.

    He has 11 inflatable decorations outside his home where he's lived since 1968. He even decorates for Thanksgiving with help from his nephew.

    "I said why are you putting up a turkey in my yard. He says well there's a turkey in the house. Might as well have one in the yard,” he laughed.

    Frampton says he's used the air-filled decor for the past 20 years. That's why he was surprised to learn the Old Village Historic District Commission wanted to review holiday inflatables.

    "I can't understand why they can't come to me and tell me what they would like. Whether they want less, smaller, or whatever,” Frampton said. “The old bitties in this town are the devil now. I'm telling you.”

    "This is Christmas. And the children it makes them happy," said a family member as she spoke in front of the commission on Monday night.

    Friends of Ebbie Frampton told the commission they supported the decorations. Most members agreed, except Louisa Montgomery. She said she didn't want to see unattractive inflatables pop up. The commission chose not to take action against them.

    "I think it brings like happiness for the neighborhood. And I think its just a fun way to get excited for Christmas and everything," said Isabella Lari, the 11-year-old sister of George.

    For now, neighbors of all ages can focus on the festive fun with Ebbie Frampton.

    "I have a good time with 'em. And they're going to have the devil trying to stop me I can tell you that,” he laughed.

    Louisa Montgomery said she didn't want to see anything like those inflatable displays she sees outside furniture or mattress stores. She thinks they're obnoxious. Frampton tells ABC News 4 he's relieved to know his displays are safe. He's just upset his friend Louisa didn't talk to him about her concerns.

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