Influenza on the rise in Charleston County this season

20 cases of Influenza-like illness in CHarleston County (DHEC)

Doctors across the nation have warned, that the 2017-2018 flu season could be a harsh one.

And with the flu season just underway, the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control has some early numbers showing the spread of the virus and areas where confirmed cases are more prevalent.

As of October 7, the department has reported 93 cases of influenza in over 22 counties.

DHEC has reported more confirmed cases of the flu this week in Charleston County than anywhere else, with 20 cases, so far.

Also, while the state average of flu-like illnesses remains low, Berkley County has an above average number of those similar viruses.

According to DHEC, there haven't been any influenza- related deaths, but six cases have been hospitalized since last week, which was attributed to an influenza-like illness.

DHEC reminds those living in South Carolina to be prepared this season and get flu shots early.

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