Tornado caused by Irma on James Island tore part of roof off house

Tornado Generic Graphic (MGN)

The National Weather Service has confirmed the touchdown of a second tornado in the Lowcountry during Tropical Storm Irma.

Wind speeds in the twister, classified as an EF0, topped out at 83 mph. It cut a path of damage 55 yards across at its widest, and was on the ground for a little more than a tenth of a mile (.12), NWS officials say.

The NWS says the weak, short-lived tornado touched down in a marsh north of Schooner Creek and tracked north-northwest along Seaward Drive and Lynne Avenue before lifting near Parrot Point Creek.

The tornado uprooted a live oak tree and damaged others, and then blew off part of the roof and several shutters from a house on Seaward Drive, the NWS says. Minor damage to structures in the area from debris were also reported.

NWS officials say the tornado was on the ground for less than two minutes. No one was injured or hurt.

Another tornado touched down near Mount Pleasant the day of the storm, as well, the NWS confirms. There have been other reported tornadoes, but the NWS has not confirmed more at this time.

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