Irma washes away markers for all 100 sea turtle nests on Kiawah Island

Kiawah Turtles 2 (WCIV).png

The damage left behind from Tropical Storm Irma on Kiawah Island is extensive.

There is beach erosion, dune damage, debris in the ocean and on sand, and a possible major loss of the island's sea turtle nests.

"Alot of these nests were pretty close to hatching anyways so it's possible they did hatch just prior to the storm," said Jim Jordan, the island's wildlife biologist.

The shifting sand, though, isn't good news.

"The nests could be completely exposed to the point where the eggs are washed away by the water," he said.

Still, they are holding out hope that they weren't destroyed.

"Down in Georgetown County they did find some of these nests after the storm just using the GPS coordinates which they confirmed did hatch just prior to the storm," Jordan said.

Volunteers on Kiawah Island will start tracking down the GPS coordinates too, and Jordan will get to surveying the extensive dune damage.

"Just after Hurricane Matthew last year the dunes looked very similar to this," he said. Basically the dunes look as almost as it they had been chopped off."

He also said that the island's boardwalk markers, that were set in cement, washed away during the storm. They were found Thursday morning in Edisto Beach.

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