"I’ve never seen anything like that:" Neighbor describes explosion at Moncks Corner home

Sheridan Court Explosion, Moncks Corner.png

A man is recovering from severe burns after a home explosion in Moncks Corner. On Tuesday, Monck’s Corner Police said fireworks and explosive materials were found inside the home off Sheridan Court.

They said the man injured was making what they call an "incendiary device" which ignited and exploded. Police Chief Rick Ollic said it’s unclear what the man was making, but confirms he was not making a bomb or running a meth-lab.

Police said the man could face criminal charges as a result, however the case is currently under investigation. The man is recovering at the burn center in Augusta, Georgia.

Tevin Brown lives across the street and said he was in his backyard when he heard a whooshing sound.

“We were just hanging out and we just heard a little explosion,” Brown said. “You could actually hear where it come from because where he was standing, it came right behind me from how I was standing in my back yard, it came from behind me so when I turned around I was like ‘oh’ so I knew where it was coming from.”

Brown said he ran across the street to help and said his neighbor was panicked and severely burned.

“I worked for the fire department but I’ve never seen anything like that,” Brown said. “I’ve seen blood here and there but I’ve never seen a burn like that.”

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