Johns Island homeowners say trash collection with Waste Pro is inconsistent at best

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Forget a pick-up schedule, people living in Kiawah River Estates on John's Island say trash collection falls behind far too often—and all they're getting is lip service.

"Garbage is every Monday, yard debris is every Wednesday, recyclables are every other Friday," homeowner Robert Tamasy said on Thursday. "I've got four bags of yard debris that I put out last Wednesday, which was the scheduled pick-up time. It's still out there."

Tamasy said it may not always look like much, but said trash goes uncollected for days, sometimes weeks at a time. He said yard debris, trash and recycling often pile up next to each other and when the garbage truck does roll through, there's overlap.

"One time they came for garbage and put the recyclables in with the garbage which was kind of upsetting, kind of alarming because why are we separating them and paying for a separate charge?" he said.

When he calls Waste Pro to complain, he said they'll send a crew out to temporarily take care of the problem, and adds he's routinely offered an account credit for 27-cents a day. He and his neighbors agree—it may be time to toss out the contract.

"We're kind of at the point where we're like why are we doing this service, we'll end it, and I'll take it, we'll go to Bees Ferry," he said. " I'm not an isolated case. Everybody has the same problem, they don't just pick on Bobby from New Jersey, thank god, right?"

Waste Pro is the same company currently facing scrutiny with the Town of Summerville for similar issues. ABC News 4 reached out to the local Waste Pro on Thursday, but did not immediately receive a response.

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