Joint Base Charleston facility for nursing moms gets makeover

Joint Base Charleston facility for nursing moms gets makeover (WCIV)

Joint Base Charleston has a newly redesigned space set aside that it hopes will be more comfortable and inviting for working mothers.

Aeroflow Breastpumps furnished a Pumping Room Makeover for Joint Base Charleston’s Air Base Child Development Center.

Aeroflow and JBC representatives debuted the new pumping room Friday, January 11.

Joint Base Charleston was awarded the pumping room upgrade over more than 500 entrants into the drawing, Aeroflow says.

The renovated spot features new furniture, and even breast feeding-themed artwork.

Free breastfeeding supplies also come as part of the deal.

Dr. Mamie Futrell uses the pumping room and child care services at Joint Base Charleston. She attended Friday's unveiling, and liked what she saw.

Futrell says the room helps her keep her peace.

"It alleviates the stress during your work day of trying to find out where can I do this, where can I make this happen," Futrell said. "So that's the real big importance of this space today."

Aeroflow officials hope the JBC makeover will inspire other employers to create such safe, comfortable spaces for working mothers.

Companies and agencies interested in doing so are encouraged to enter the same contest Joint Base Charleston did.

Visit the Aeroflow Breastpumps website for more information.

(Enter the Pumping Room Makeover contest | CLICK HERE)

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