Katie Stagliano, Katie's Krops awarded $50K Feeding Better Futures scholarship

Katie Stagliano, Katie's Krops awarded $50K Feeding Better Futures scholarship (WCIV)

Ten years ago, a head of cabbage set Katie Stagliano on a path that would change her life, and improve the lives of many more through her non-profit, Katie’s Krops.

It was no ordinary head of cabbage. It was huge. It fed the multitudes. She was just 9 years old.

“I had no idea my cabbage would change my life forever,” said Stagliano.

It led to the start of her non-profit, Katie’s Krops, through which one hundred gardens are now growing in more than 30 states.

Last year alone, Katie’s Krops donated 40,000 pounds of food.

“It’s amazing to give fresh veggies to people in need, and they will give it to their friends. You never know how far it will spread,” said Katie.

Stagliano returned Friday to the place where it all started, Tri-County Family Ministries.

“Ten years later, to see the same people I did the day I donated my cabbage. They were giving me hugs being so gracious and grateful being the sweetest people ever. I know I want to do it for as long as I possibly can,” said Katie.

A steady rain welcomed those at the crossroads of life, as a steady stream of people prepared to be served.

“I’m grateful to serve them and serve them fresh vegetables to help them. I hope to see them back on their feet sometime soon, “said Stagliano.

Even in the rain, 403 plates of food were served, and Katie had a hand in all of them, just as she did a decade before.

Only this time, Stagliano would be in for the surprise of her life. The lunch Friday was in her honor.

Stagliano recently entered a national competition through General Mills and its Feeding Better Futures scholarship program.

During the lunch, a video played announcing Katie as the winner of the scholarship, and $50,000.

“I can honestly say in my life, I have never held a $50,000 check. I hope to do it many more times,” said Katie.

It’s more than seed money. It’s fertilizer for a project that has grown beyond Katie’s wildest dreams.

“We want to start as many more gardens as possible, but we want to help sustain the gardens we have growing and continue to help them take root in the community, and help the communities they are growing in,” said Katie.

From a curious 9-year-old, she's grown to a determined teenager, and now a young woman with a $50,000 donation allowing her to continue to serve, rain or shine.

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