South Carolina lawmakers hope to mandate background checks for locksmiths

South Carolina legislators are pushing for the state to require Locksmiths to undergo background checks.

Last year, a bill was proposed to enforce restrictions for those who call themselves independent locksmiths. It passed in the house last year, but stalled, and did not reach the senate.

The bill has been proposed again this year, and Rep. Peter McCoy is hoping it will pass.

"It's a safety issue. It comes down to it being a safety issue. We want to know who's coming to our houses, who's coming to our businesses. Who's having access into our houses and businesses. To hold this bill up, or stall this bill to me is a problem when it comes to public safety."

Willie Gamble has been a locksmith since 1989. He is the current owner of Berkeley Locksmith, and the Vice President of the South Carolina Locksmith Association.

Gamble feels extra safety measures are needed for customers:

"We would certainly like to see the law change, but it doesn't look like that will happen in the very near future for South Carolina. With the current law for locksmiths, if you are released from prison today for burglary, you can actually go and start a locksmith business in South Carolina. So there are no laws or restrictions."

Rep. McCoy says the bill will be refiled at the end of November, and again in December, so it will be on the docket for consideration by the state senate in January.

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