Local breweries brewing "Resilience" for Camp Fire victims in California

Local breweries brewing Resilience for Camp Fire victims in California (WCIV)

In honor of the victims and survivors of California's Camp Fire, Lowcountry breweries have joined a national charity. It's considered the biggest charitable collaboration ever among US breweries.

Brian Cox is the head brewer at Oak Road brewery, Cox says it’s named after the oak- lined highway in Summerville.

Today Cox is brewing hope for the people who lost everything in California’s devastating wildfires.

“We brew our version of Resilience IPA, serve it in house and a 100% of proceeds will go back to the Camp Fire fund,” says Cox.

Oak Road Brewery is not alone in raising these much-needed funds. “Locally Pawley’s Island, Twisted Cyprus and Holy City are doing it,” says Cox.

Now a countrywide effort after the call went out by Sierra Nevada Brewery’s founder Ken Grossman.

“This is the first time I have ever seen anything like this in the brewing industry and this will be our first collaboration. All across the country, people are going to be getting together, raising money to help with this cause,” says Cox.

Millions of barrels are brewing right now under the Resilience banner, that’s millions of dollars in sales, says Cox.

The same recipe is just tweaked a little at each brewery. Cox says “People that like hoppy beers, like IPA, are really going to enjoy this.”

Even more so, Cox says, knowing their beer money is going to a good cause.

“(It’s)nice to work with a lot of other breweries to raise money under one cause and kind of help some other people out especially this time of year,” says Cox.

The beers will go on sale just before Christmas.

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